Friday, March 21, 2008

Dim Sum


I am still so full I can hardly breathe. There was so much food, I couldn't even photograph it. Instead, I give you the aftermath and the group of friends I went with.


Anonymous said...

I came to read your blog expecting no updates, and WOW, what a HAVE been updating your blog!!! Love, love, love your hair. :)

My best to you, Rob, Aggie and my favorite Canadian city (sigh!),

Anonymous said...

Good Morning to you all
I'm dying to hear all about the big cooking adventure. I won't use names till you do. But you told me about it.
It was great to get your phone call. I am distressed about the distress the dress and it's reasons are causing you. I have heard that if you don't think it is a good idea then one shouldn't be involved or even be there. I'm not sure how this would be translated but it goes for both stepsisters. This is really difficult for me as well. We probably should talk about it again. Call when you have time.
Lovin' you,

Anna Haight said...

I have to go into the mountains to remind me of home (Seattle area), and miss easy trips to lovely Vancouver. Nice blog!

Deetsa said...

Lots of lovely adventures in eating and cooking, L! I enjoyed catching up on the posts.