Wednesday, March 19, 2008

FromYour Blog To Mine


I read a lot of blogs, but seldom comment. When I do, it is because I am truly interested and I have probably bookmarked your recipe. Last week, I commented about this post on everybody likes sandwiches. Last night, this dish made an appearance on my table. Easy, tasty, I cannot recommend these salmon cakes enough. My only changes were the use of fresh dill and fine diced red onion instead of shallots. Thanks for the great recipe.
I served them with mashed red potatoes and a broccoli/cauliflower salad.


kickpleat said...

yay! so glad you tried it. they look great and that broccoli/cauliflower salad looks pretty fine too!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Linda,
Thank you for the call. I'm sorry we had to cut it short. Last night out and all that.
These salmon patties look so good! And it is something I love. Of course, my fridge is full of stuff we didn't eat because grandpa was out fixing airplanes for the past week, but I fully intend to make this recipe and I wrote it out already. I love salmon patties anyway, so it's a good meal to make. Thank you again. Call again...maybe when you have time. If you are flying to the Okanagan for the wedding maybe this is the closest. We'll talk when you get here! Let ma know again when you are coming.
Lots of love,
Grandma B

Unknown said...

kickpleat, they are a perfect weeknight supper!
Grandma, hope you like them