Monday, March 10, 2008


Sometimes, you just need a friend to listen to you, to distract you, to share their own stresses. I was very lucky on Saturday, as K and R took me off to the farmers market. I know, a farmer's market in March, crazy! It was a lot of fun, featuring a couple of interesting performers

The view from the farmers market was incredible as well and this photo does not do it justice.

After we shopped, R dropped K and I Cafe Barney on Granville and we had a good breakfast and a wonderfully therapeutic chat. (Thank you!!)

Anyway, two days later, Rob and I reaped the benefits of the market trip with Organic potatoes from Helmers, Mushrooms from somewhere else, greens from Langley growers and a nice free run chicken breast from Tenderland.


This is the mushroom saute action...

And the finished product:


kickpleat said...

I keep meaning to go to the farmer's market at the wise hall! Must go. I also saw trike a few months ago at hoko's where we ate really great sushi!

Unknown said...

Where is this hokos? always looking for good sushi.

kickpleat said...

hoko's is in the crazy-ass part of powell street (old japan town). they have a lot of shows on the weekend, so it's a good place to see a show and eat really good sushi! since i live so close by, i think i'll check it out for lunch too one day.