Monday, June 26, 2006

Catching up

What can I say, its been hot, there's been birthdays, picnics and celebratory meals, Rob and I gave ourselves a mysterious stomach upset and there were 30lbs of strawberries to process.

Without further ado:

Sunday's breakfast was crepes, my first batch, topped with strawberry sauce. I have been wanting a crepe pan for ages and Rob convinced me to give in and buy it. I LOVE it and can't wait to try a million different fillings. My recipe for batter was from Epicurious, their Basic Crepes.

Another salmon dinner was had in there. In fact this may have been the one that set us off. Seared Copper River salmon, sauteed bok choy and green tea soba noodles with tamari and rice vinegar.

Because I had the whole weekend off, I was able to revisit a summer favourite; Farmer's Market Frittata. The Saturday Farmer's Market at Trout Lake is my absolute favourite and last summer, I started making Saturday breakfast from my pickings at Trout Lake. This week, the frittata contained squash blossoms, fresh cilantro, tiny organic red potatoes, local feta cheese, homemade chicken sausage and free range organic eggs.

Saturday afternoon, we had a picnic, then the evening was spent playing bocce ball in the park for a friend's brithday. How could we resist, the weather was perfect!


helios said...


Those crepes look absolutely amazing! A touch of whipped cream and they'd be perfect in my book. :)

linda said...

Thanks helios....believe me, if I hadn't been knee deep in jam making, I would have been tempted to whip up some cream.

Danii said...

i am craving crepes now.

what kind of jam are you making? I still wanna make strawberry and raspberry before school starts but I have no clue if I'll be able to get it done :/

linda said...

Dani, I'll have to a jam post at some point. I made lavender-strawberry, rose-strawberry. Then I made mint strawberry sauce and key lime strawberry sauce.