Monday, June 12, 2006

Farmers Market Haul

I love the Trout Lake Farmer's Market! I managed to squeeze in a visit before work on Saturday.
I picked up the first tomatoes of the season; although they aren''t Milan's Tomatoes, they were still very good.

I also spotted squash blossoms.

Some fresh eggs, swiss chard and green garlic also made its way into my basket

The squash blossoms were stuffed with a soft french cheese, chopped toasted pine nuts and a wonderful dehydrated roasted garlic that a friend gave me. I then deep fried them, mindful of last year's experience. I served a small salad of tomatoes, balsamic, fleur de sel and fresh oregano on the side.

The second course was a ribeye, served with sauteed swiis chard. I love summer.


wheresmymind said...

Oh man...that looks SOOOO good....making my lunch of salad/chicken look sorta sad! lol

Nerissa said...

oooh... ahhhh... oh my! What a nice haul. *green with jealousy*

FYI: I tagged you for the 5 meme. Check my site out if you want to see what it is.

Nerissa said...

Oh... btw, I want to thank you for the name of the tea place. I think I'll save you a bit of trouble and go there myself. Thanks so much for the offer to send it though. I just may use you as a minion one of these days though LOL

Lisa said...

Gorgeous photos, Linda. The squash-blossom plate is too wonderful. Is that a flour-and-water batter you used?

Amazing. First I see a photo of you and Tony, and now this.

linda said...

Thank you for the compliments Lisa. The batter is actually from epicurious. Its their fish andd chip batter, but it has become my go to batter recipe.
Nerissa, no problem on the name of the tea shop~look me up when youa re in town.
Jeff, nothing sad about chicken and salad for lunch!