Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Taste Canada

I recently stumbled across a post about Taste Canada, on a blog from South of The Border and I knew I had to do it. Thank You Jennifer, for giving me an extension.
I must admit, I stewed for a day about what Canada Tasted Like To Me. I questioned my partner. His response: pemmican, maple syrup, salmon, back bacon. I tried to think of quintessential Canadian ingredients and I slowly formulated my menu. We started with Sweet Petit Oysters, eaten over the kitchen sink, completely naked (the oysters) and gloriously salty sweet.

The main dinner: Soy and Rice Vinegar Marinated Steamed Wild Salmon with Hijiki and Morels. Salmon, although not confined to Canada, just seems so very Canadian. I chose the rice vinegar and soy because, for me, Canada is about a seamless blend of cross-cultural culinary experiences. The Hijiki, or sea asparagus tastes like the ocean, and for this west coaster, Canada IS the ocean ( I know, that is utterly blasphemous, but apart from a week long visit to Winnipeg, most of my life in Canada has been spent this side of Golden, BC). And the morels ~ god, morels. I get slightly manaical about these fungii when they are fresh in season. Morels taste like early summer, the season I wish would stay forever. I served the Salmon with roasted Organic Local baby potatoes and carrots.

And finally, dessert. I wasn't going to do dessert, but I was in the market today and the Local Blueberries had arrived! A sucker for fresh fruit, I scooped up a generous amount for $2.50 and served them up with very gently whipped cream flavoured with maple syrup.

And that was My Taste of Canada. Now I just need a photography lesson to do the meal justice!


Jennifer said...

It looks wonderful! The blueberries with maple infused cream would really hit the spot right now.

I've never had hijiki. I will now be on the lookout for it!

Unknown said...

Thank you Jennifer! I have come to love Sea Asparagus ~ like I said, it tastes like the ocean to me.

FoodNinja said...

We dont get too many oysters here in the middle of North America.. it makes me want to travel to the coast. Thanks a bunch

Unknown said...

templar, I don't want to knock Winnipeg (my beloved is from there), but I spent a week there one June. The city is beautiful, but nothing beats that coastal air. And fresh oysters.