Sunday, September 04, 2005


So, my exam for NARC is supposed to be a black box. I have to make soup, salad with crispy element and main protein, starch and two veg. I decided I need to practice and told Rob he had to give me a black box.
He went ALL OUT. After his mystery box, I can do anything because it was deadly!
My ingredients:
two yams
can of coconut milk
two limes
two red peppers
chicken stock
one cippolini onion
1 cup brown rice
shitake mushrooms
foie gras*
two tenderloin steaks

So...drumroll.....the results!
Soup: Yam and Roasted Red Pepper with Coconut and Lime

Endive and Caramelised Fennel, Cranberry Vinaigrette and "Seared Foie Gras"*

Pan seared Tenderloin Steak with a Zinfandel and Cippolini onion Sauce
Brown Rice, Shitake Mushrooms and Red Pepper "Risotto"
Parsley Butter Glazed baby carrots and Bush Beans

*Funny story. Rob THOUGHT he bought foie gras, and so did I. Until I opened it to discover very expensive foie gras pate!! So "seared foie gras" became panko crusted seared foie gras pate...

I was so exhausted after I did this. I like to think the exam will be easier, mainly because I won't have so many crazy ingredients. Rob said what most impressed him was the fact that I had my menu outlined within ten minutes of starting. Oh yeah, and no recipes allowed.


Little Mama said...

WOW. I wouldn't even know where to start with that box. I can't wait to hear your results. When is your NARC exam?

Joe said...

Woah - fun stuff! Can't wait to see what you make with all of that!

Unknown said...

punky, exam is a week on Tuesday
joe, as you can see, the results are in... what do you think?

Little Mama said...

I am so impressed. If you could handle this list of ingredients, I am sure you will ace this exam. keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! You must be a natural at this Linda.
Good luck!

Joe said...

If its anything like you created you will have absolutely no problem - your dishes are simply amazing! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Linda -- WOW! You are such a rock star with those ingredients.