Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Walking, Healthy Spirits and Los Jarritos

I last left you at 18th St and Tartine Bakery. From there, I kept going till I hit Dolores Street, then turned and started to climb. My journey took me to Castro and from there, more uphill. Here is the view from Castro and 16th looking up 16th St.

Two blocks later and I was ready to pack it in ~ I was hot, thirsty and my feet were killing me. I spotted a corner store and nipped in to ask directions for the bus and to buy something to drink.

Once my thirst was quenched, I started to look around the little store and realised it had one of the most eclectic collections of groceries that I had ever seen. Imports from England, Ireland and Somewhere in The Middle East shared the shelves with an amazing collection of wines, beers and spirits. If you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood, I would reccomend checking it out. Healthy Spirits is located at 15th and Castro

Refreshed from my stopover, I felt I could handle the walk back to The Mission, and started down 15th. Somehow, the route I chose sans map was far more direct. And I even stumbled on a copy of Ma Cuisine in a secondhand bookstore, Forest Books (translated, of course). Once I reached the right area of town, I decided a Corona and a snack would be in order, and I found myself at Los Jarritos on South Van Ness. Really bright, colourful interior and jukebox to boot. And of course, Coronas.

Despite the fact that the chips and hot sauce were free, I ordered a quesadilla. Not the most earthstopping piece of food, but more than generous portions and it was really good if you poured the hot sauce from the chips all over it. I couldn't even touch the beans, rice and salad that came with it.

I was so happy to crawl into my friend's car for the journey back to Oakland ~ my feet couldn't have taken another step... well ok, we did stop at Trader Joe's and Rainbow Grocery. But that was almost too much for me.
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Randi said...

omg, i want to go to san fran right now. My best friend from high school lived there while I lived in long beach and I went up to visit her about 4times a year. I just love SF and so does Robin. We went there after I graduated law school and Robin loved it. Vancouver reminds me of SF in some ways.

Unknown said...

It does remind me of Vancouver, but seems to be on a grander scale.. Or maybe that is because I see Vancouver through a locals eyes?
Anyway, As you can tell, I adore San Francisco and cannot wait to go back