Sunday, October 09, 2005

Thanksgiving Dinner Part Two

Well, the evening was a roaring success and I managed not to start crying until the door had closed on our departing friends (they are moving across the country in a few days and I am going to miss them like crazy)
The bird was HUGE! Rob ordered an 18lb free-range turkey and there are so many leftovers.

All the mains turned out really well, the one year old especially liked the stuffing. Then dessert came along. I have been hearing about this cheesecake for 5 years now and it lived up to the hype.

The recipe can be found on epicurious.


Little Mama said...

Your Thanksgiving feast looks so good. I usually drag my feet into the holidays (gotta love working retail), but all your dishes make me wonder if I will last the month and a half we have till our Thanksgiving.

Unknown said...

Aww thanks :D
I know what you mean about retail. this was the first year I wasn't dreading Thanksgiving.

Cookie Madness said...

The pie looks delicious.