Thursday, December 08, 2005

It didn't

Remember when I said it could only go up?
I was wrong.
I had to supervise a greasetrap emptying. MMmmmm more good smells. Then, it overflowed AGAIN. I fell way behind on my work schedule, didn't have lunch. 2:00, I called Rob (yes, I was crying) to tell him how crappy my day was. Then I missed my bus to my second job and was 5 mins late.... Things started to get better there. Quiet day, I finished my work at 6, came home. Rob had lamb stew on, my favourite ultimate comfort food. I called the family member, had a good chat, feel better about that.
Then I checked my blog subscriptions. Adorable little Macroom from Dispensing Happiness died. I cried my eyes out.


Deetsa said...

Oh honey... big hugs for you {{{Linda}}}

Unknown said...

Thanks Nerissa. Feeling a lot better today!

Sara said...

Hope the weekend is better for you.