Friday, December 02, 2005

Lavender Tangerine Salmon

I got to cook again tonight (savouring these last few days of culinary freedom) so I went for salmon. I also had a jar of Lavender Fleur De Sel on hand that I have been dying to use. The result:
Lavender Salmon with a Tangerine Beurre Blanc, Whole Wheat Couscous with Dried Cranberries, and Snap Peas.

Rob raved all the way through dinner and for about 5 minutes after.

Lavender Salmon with Tangerine Beurre Blanc

2 Salmon Fillets (6 oz)
Lavender Fleur de Sel ( if I didn't have this option, I would mix fleur de sel and cooking grade lavender)
Cracked Black Pepper
Olive oil
Zest and juice of one tangerine
tablespoon cold butter

Heat oil in a saute pan. Sprinkle salmon with salt and cracked back pepper and place flesh side down in the hot pan. Cook for 2.5 minutes, flip, continue cooking until done (I went a further two minutes). Remove salmon from pan; keep warm. Pour excess fat from pan and return to heat. Deglaze with tangerine juice, add zest and reduce slightly. Swirl in cold butter, spoon over salmon.


kickpleat said...

that sounds incredible!

Unknown said...

It was! I hope I can find the Lavender salt here in Vancouver. Rob is STILL telling me how wonderful dinner was ;D

Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious and sooooo healthy. Were the fillets skinned first?

Unknown said...

Tania, we leave the skin on during cooking and take it off after ~ I think it keeps the fish from being too dry (but I could be crazy)

Dinnerware Sets said...

Great looking, healthy meal! I like the lavender twist to the salmon.