Friday, December 30, 2005

MEME ~ You Are What You Eat

I got tagged for this before christmas by Nerissa and was very lazy and shoved it to the back burner. Since I locked my keys in a classroom and can't do anything till someone gets here, I guess now is the time. This was started by a fellow Canadian, Ruth of Once Upon a Feast.
Ten Favourite foods
1. Lamb This was a no brainer. We eat lamb every other week and I would eat it more if it wasn't so bad for me/expensive. Lamb Stew, Lamb Shanks, rack of lamb, leg of them all.
2.Garlic. Goes in almost every dish that comes ut of my kitchen. I especially love roasting it with potatoes and parsnips ~ it gets this lovely candy sweetness.
3. Marrow. What can I say, I am a marrow fiend ;D
4.Dark Chocolate.. Not crazy on milk or white chocolate, but give me a bar of good quality, super dark chocolate and I will be happy for hours. I particularily like it with a little chili heat to it.
5. Cheese. any cheese will do, but my desert island cheese would have to be Pecorino Pepato, a lovely sheeps milk (?) cheese with whole black peppercorns.
6. EggsThe runnier the yolk, the better.
7. Peanut butter.One of my favourite ways to eat it is in a sandwhich with Number 8.
8. Dill Pickles. Crisp, garlicky fat dills. Sandwhiches (see 7), or just straight out of the jar.
9.Olives. All of them. Sundried are my current favourites, but I'll devour any of them
10. Oysters Raw please. And if I could have 11 & 12 it would be tuna and salmon, also raw.

Wonder what this list says about me??

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kickpleat said...

peanut butter & pickles? hmmmm, i'm not sure on that one ;)

Cat said...

thats so funny, pb & pickles. pbp hee my sister would only eat pickles when she was pregnant, for some reason the combo pb & pickle made me think of pregnant ladies lol

Unknown said...

Catesa, I've like pb&p all my life, so the pregnant factor is definetly out ;D
Kickpleat, You would be surprised how many people out there DO like it ~ I know at least 5 and only two of them are actual family members