Friday, December 23, 2005

Still here

Yes, I am still alive ~ I was just so busy the last few days that any down time was spent sleeping.
The party went well (I think) and I DID have the vat of hot chocolate and people seemed to like it. I'll have to see if I have any postable pictures from that night.
If anybody is reading this, I just wanted to mention Kiri from Eat Stuff, the co-host of Weekend Cat Blogging. He seems to have gone for a little adventure and his mum, Clare is very worried about him. I am sure she could use some more good thoughts sent her way.
Also wanted to point out the Menu for Hope Campaign. Although I am too poor to participate, I would encourage anyone who can to take part. There are some amazing foody prizes on offer, but time is running out. Personally, I want the Bay Area Books...
I'll be back with food pics, Weekend Cat Blogging and Christmas Stories.


Anonymous said...

thankyou so much Linda :)

I am missing my special boy immensly!!!

Deetsa said...

Merry Christmas Linda!

Anonymous said...

the party was SPLENDID
you continue to inspire my deep admiration of your flawless host skills ;) -julien