Wednesday, April 12, 2006

EbiTen/ Legendary Noodle

Well, breakfast was super healthy yesterday! Then it kind of went downhill from there...

First the good news ~ I got the interview at the catering company I have always wanted to work at; Thuursday, 10 am, send me good interview vibes.

Now to the reviews.

I was out job hunting yesterday and tying up some loose ends. I headed over to the main branch of the library, hoping to get a new library card (I lost mine last summer); what a hassle. I ended up walking out sans card and mad and hungry. Right across the street from the library is a place called EbiTen, Japanese fast food. I figured Japanese food HAD to be healthy; I was wrong. There were a few sushi options (the usual suspects) and everything else was tempura and teriyaki and deep fried octopus balls. I ordered the tempura bowl, against my better judgement. It was the Japanese equivalent of corndogs. The only good part of my meal was the bottle of iced green tea that I had with it.

After work, I met up with Rob and two friends and we headed out to Legendary Noodle on Main Street. While far from being healthy, the food here was so good. We ate two dozens teamed pork & leek dumplings, a big bowl of handmade noodles with black bean sauce and minced pork and a fried onion pancake all for around 5$ each. The place is a little dodgy looking and there is no sink in the bathroom, but I WISH we had something like that in our neighbourhood. Well worth blowing the healthy eating plan for.
Here is an old review from a local blog; Legendary Noodle


Erika W. said...

Good luck with the interview! I'll cross my fingers for you!

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow! By the way I love your food photography, it always makes me hungry!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the interview, Linda! I'll be sending good vibes your way in a few hours.

kickpleat said...

good luck with the interview!! and i love the legendary noodle place but i haven't been there in a few years. must.go.back!!

Unknown said...

Thank you everyone for the interview vibes!

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
We're happy to hear all about your big success. And of course, all the interesting food you find and make.
Check the email for new address, okay?
Much love,
Grandma and Grandpa