Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm baaack!

That's right, I liberated my camera from here yesterday. It was so nice to have it back after so long.
After picking it up, I headed downtown. I had an interview to go to at 2, and I needed to kill a little time, so I started hunting for a patio. I stumbled across a dark dingy place just off Robson, no patio, that I just had to try. It is called Guu and I have heard rumours about it here and there (link to a review, buried in this fascinating article). the palce was packed, and I squeezed up to the bar. The menu was handed to me, a handwritten, tattered thing with the Japanese (?) first, english second. I ordered a chicken bowl.

It was a battered chicken, over rice topped with a snotty egg and served with pickled vegetables and miso soup. It was very good, but I couldn't finish it by any stretch. I am thinking I might have to go back again, just to see what the other offerings are like.

Must run, off to the catering job.


Deetsa said...
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Deetsa said...

Hooray. Your camera is back! You must be so relieved to have it back. I know I'd feel that way. :D

Dawna said...

Welcome back!

Sandee said...

Linda, I love Guu! The best time to go is at dinner with friends so you can sample all the tapas.

Some favourites: Egg in pumpkin (sounds weird but tastes good), kimchee fried rice, and oyster motoyaki. For lunch, try anything that has "deep fried thing". Weird restaurant, but great food.

Guu with Garlic is cleaner and has better service, but alas, no kimchi fried rice

kickpleat said...

ooh, i've always wanted to try one of the guu's!

Cat said...

snotty egg. sounds so appetising :)

Unknown said...

Sandee, thanks for the ordering tips!

Nerissa, I am very happy to have the camera back!

Thanks, Dawna.

Kickpleat, you should check out Guu, really small, not too expensive, etc.

Catesa, ha hahaa!