Thursday, April 13, 2006

Matcha, Matcha, Matcha Woman.....

I just discovered a new obsession; matcha chai from Granville Island Tea Company. If you haven't been to this place already, please go! The owners are wonderful, their tea selection is to die for and the regulars don't bite. Much ;p
The matcha chai is this warm, sweetly intense beverage with a touch of peppery heat. I wish I had my camera.
I stopped by after my interview, and indulged.
Oh yes, the interview..... Well, I get to try it out for a couple of shifts at least. Here's hoping I don't screw up too bad!
I was so excited, I went and blew some money on a few truffles (the fungal ones) and some exotic looking cheese from Les Amis de Fromage.


Erika W. said...

So what cheese did you get? And was it good? :-)

Going to go search around on your blog now for some lamb recipes...

Anonymous said...

Why oh why, is Vancouver so far away from me???!!!???

That cheese shop looks amazing!!! 500 different cheeses!!?? OMG?

And then I could stop by and have lunch (and dinner) with you and Rob!


Deetsa said...

Geez... I REALLLLLY have to get to Vancouver now. Vancouver is such a different city when you finally admit to yourself that love food and that loving food is okay.

Unknown said...

erika, I got yarg and a french cheese the name of which escapes me. The yarg was fantastic, the other needed a nice glass of port or some rhubarb preserve to balance the flavour.

Cheryl, Nerissa, I would be happy to offer culinary tours should you decide to come and visit. And of course, dinner ;D