Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Camera's Back!!

I got my camera back with no charge for repairs! In the meantime, I acquired a madeline pan, which I happened to find a recipe to use. But first, tonight's dinner.

I grow some herbs on my little patio and the lovage has really taken off. I sauteed some lovage with garlic and then mixed in shredded smoked cheddar and a little cream cheese. A pork tenderloin was butterflied and the schmeared with the concoction, tied and seared. I roasted it in a 400F oven to 140F, then served it up with mashed roasted yams and marinated asparagus.

For clarification, I meant this lovage, not this one!


wheresmymind said...

I saw a great 'chocolate madeline' recipe a couple weeks ago and lamented that I had no pan *pout*

Dawna said...

Oh, yum!

kickpleat said...

i had no idea what lovage was...i thought you were using some kind of slang, about your herb lovage! heehee.