Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Two Stuffings

Rob and I are planning to do roast pork for Thanksgiving dinner and have been tossing around some stuffing ideas. I decided to do a trial run with two of the more serious contenders. This was the winner:

And the two stuffings side by side:

The winning stuffing recipe will go up here when I have a free minute, but it involved couscous, dates, cured olives and aleppo pepper, with a coriander, fennel, cumin crust on the outside. Posted by Picasa


Sara said...

Linda - I am doing another cookbook spotlight but have lost your email address. Can you email me iliketocookATshawDOTca?

Lisa said...

That looks just...succulent! Roast pork for Thanksgiving -- great idea. The stuffing sounds out of this world.