Saturday, January 28, 2006

Is My Blog Burning? Noodle Goodness

I haven't played with these events for a while, and I almost didn't make it to this one, but I have been dying to make some homemade pasta and I finally bit the bullet today.
I have made pasta before, but only in the classroom. I scouted a few recipes, settling on JOC for my inspiration. I mounded the flour in the middle of the counter, added an egg, some olive oil and some cold water. I also cracked lots of black pepper into it and added some salt. Then I mixed until it came together and kneaded for about ten minutes. Into the fridge it went for a rest while I psyched myself up for the rolling. See, I don't have a pasta machine and my mind was dead set on pappardelle-type noodles.
The rolling was a very involved process, folding the dough several times and rolling it out again before I was satisfied by the texture. My rolling pin is a total lightweight as well, so that didn't help!
Once the dough was thin enough, I sliced it into fat ribbons and allowed it to dry for a while as I slowly warmed up leftover lamb shank meat in its own braising juice. A quick boil of the noodles, a toss with the braising liquid, top it all off with the lamb and some lavendar sea salt and you are set! Now I need a pasta machine. Because as much as I loved the pasta, I don't think my arms and shoulders can handle that again....
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Catesa said...

woo upper body workout without a gym then you get to eat the calories back after... isnt that the definition of heaven? :)

linda said...

LOL catesa, I neve rquite thought of it that way!