Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Morning

I don’t have a pic or a recipe lined up for today, so I thought I would get chatty.
First of all, Sam, the haggis MAY have been a pale replication of true haggis. What put me off was the faint aftertaste. Initial flavour was good, but then this metallic taste started kicking me in the tongue.
Karen (Rob’s little sis), I can’t find your comment to reply to it, but I just wanted to say hello, glad you dropped in and hope you will lurk on a regular basis.
That’s all for now! I think I'll go make myself a cup of tea.


Sam said...

it's true - it is slightly tinny.
I used to eat vegetarian haggis when i was a veggie - which for all intents and purposes tastes quite like the real thing (but without the metal taste) so maybe you should try that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda....I think I posted it under Sandy's Stew. Kinda new to this blog stuff but I'll figure it out.
I've been craving a good pot of stew lately. Seems like when the coldness sets in here ya just want some comfort food. That stew is a recipe I must try. Think I'll pass on the haggis.
Take care.....