Sunday, January 15, 2006


10 Things about me

1. I was bit by a dog when I was six and I am mortally terrified of most dogs to this day. I KNOW that they probably won’t bite me, but my deep down gut feeling tells me to watch them carefully. My scar has mostly faded but I can still feel it when I touch my face.

2. I am a University drop-out. I went to UBC after graduating with high marks from my high school in Victoria. And promptly lost interest. I frittered a year and $5000 away and ended up on academic probation. That’s when I realised I was wasting my time, money and energy on something I really wasn’t interested in.

3. I lived in England for several years. Went to high school there.

4. I wanted to be an actor. I took Theatre Studies when I lived in England, I was in plays and musicals. I just lost my confidence and chickened out when I moved back to Canada.

5. I talk to my parents on the phone every other week at least and correspond through email on an almost daily basis with my mom.

6. I am obsessed with grammar and how bad mine has become. I used to be a very disciplined writer ~ how do you think I managed to pull off A’s in all my English courses? But I seem to have forgotten the rules after 8 years of not being an academic. And it drives me up the wall ~ I know the sentence is wrong, I just can’t remember WHY or how to fix it!

7. I like marrow. You know that fatty gooey stuff inside lamb and beef bones? Think it’s gross? I used to, but I can’t get enough of it now.

8. I am a Sci-Fi Nerd. I love William Gibson books, Douglas Adam’s and have watched way more star trek than anyone in their right mind should. I don’t do the full on trekkie thing though.

9.I have been so broke that the only food I ate in a two week period was a zucchini I found by the side of the road and a couple packets of ketchup stolen from McDonalds. After losing 20 lbs ina month, I finally broke down and went to the foodbank. That was 7 years ago, but I still make a cash donation every year to the food bank. I feel like I owe it, you know?

10. I used to smoke like a fiend and drink 12 cups of coffee a day. And shake like a leaf. I quit 3 or 4 years ago.


tfp said...

Very interesting! Actually, lately I've been reading lots of bloggers' responses to this meme, and they are all interesting and entertaining! Thanks for sharing.

Nerissa said...

It's very cool getting to know you a little more. I'm curious about the quitting thing. Did you quit smoking AND coffee? At the same time? I'm curious.

linda said...

I backed off on the coffee before I quit smoking. I kept drinking a couple cups a day for several years, now I only drink it on weekends ~ I do like the taste of coffee...