Saturday, January 21, 2006

Weekend cat blogging

Is there anything better than a newly emptied shoebox?

Head on over to eatstuff where Kiri is waiting in his sailor suit....


tfp said...

My furry babies love any sort of box too. I'm a total Aggie fan, and that is a gorgeous picture!

Clare Eats said...

Boxes are the best!

astrid said...

Yeah! Boxes are the best, mine love them too. They occupy them within seconds and have great fun then :)

Nerissa said...

Hmmm.... the colour of the box looks like the one I had for the hamster. Is it from Payless Shoes? Anyhow, Aggie looks content.

Diane Bauer said...

Dear Linda and Rob,
I'm not too sure about this method of communication. I'm never sure I got through...Oh, well. I think I like the cat pictures best this time. We're going to PAMEA again on February 8/9/10 flying home Friday night. We won't have a car but you-all can only stand so much of the old folks anyway. We'll be at the Best Western Richmond Inn, if you'd like to visit or join us for a meal, whatever. I don't think we'll try going out much. It seems we are getting older. Anyway, it would be great to see you again - if you can fit us in.
A Belated Happy Birthday, Rob. I'm sorry I missed it. Sounds like an interesting meal. And I'm sure you had a great day.
Keep in touch you two, we love hearing from you.
Love and hugs,
Grandma and Grandpa Bauer