Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cafe Bella Vista, Tartine and Walking San Francisco

After my hearty breakfast, I walked to the BART and took the train into the City. My friend is a teacher at a school in the Mission District and I was headed there to meet her for lunch. I arrived at the 16th Mission station very early, and took the time to make sure I could find the school before I set out to explore the neighbourhood by foot. I spent a couple hours wandering down Mission Street and the surrounding environs, getting yelled at in the Skechers store by a security guard and purchasing two pairs of shoes at Payless (Ahhh cheap shoes). When the lunch hour rolled around, I was famished and ready to take on anything. We opted for a place two blocks from her school, Cafe Bella Vista. A clean, sunny room greeted us, along with a menu that was so hard to choose from. I settled for a sandwich, or rather:

Bocadillo de Lomo de Cerdo con Mermelada de Cebolla, Pimientos Asados y Aioli
Pork Loin Sandwich with Onion Confiture, Roasted Red Bell Peppers and Aioli, served with Garlic Fries

I don't know what the pork was marinated in, but it had a sweet flavour that was accentuated by the sweetness of the onion marmelade and roasted red pepper. I only managed half my sandwich, and had the other half wrapped up for another day. The highlight, however, were the garlic "fries" ~ thick cut, perfectly cooked and seasoned with just enough garlic and parsley, I would go back JUST to order those potatoes.
I left my friend back at her school and set out, with a hand drawn map in hand, to try and make it to Haight and Ashbury. I hadn't gone too far when I spotted this really unique painting on the side of a furniture store (which I would shop at, if i could)

Another block or so, and I discovered this very busy little bakery called Tartine. Still full from lunch, I couldn't resist going in to peek

I ended up purchasing four little chocolate friands and taking them away for an after dinner treat.
A more comprehensive blogger review of Tartine can be found at Becks & Posh


Anonymous said...

There is another hidden secret I would liek you all to know: On 19th street a small cafe' named La Solea serves up some of the most delicious Indian food I have ever tried at a very reasonable place. Th cafe' is located on 19th street @ Misison.

Culinarily Obsessed said...

Saw you came by & left a comment about the chef designed shoes I posted..I must agree with u..food & shoes are 2 major weaknesses for me also..lol..well just thought I'd come check out your blog also. Stop by mine again anytime!! Take care =)