Thursday, October 20, 2005

Flying Away

One week ago today, I boarded a plane in Vancouver, pictured above and headed off on my wee vacation. Here is a view from the air, much more attractive than my five dollar turkey and swiss airplane sandwhich!

After an uneventful flight, I landed at LAX and tried to work out where to get my connecting flight to Pheonix. Easier said than done! After traipsing around in the heat ( it was hot by MY standards), I finally arrived at Terminal 8. I was hot, I was bothered and I had an hour to kill, so I decided to find a drink. The Desert Pear Margarita seemed to be calling my name and I answered. 11$ USD later and I was suitably refreshed ..

The short flight to Pheonix was on a tiny 50 seater and the highlight of that journey was the snack

Tami, if you are reading this, sorry I ddin't touch base with you, but I had zero internet after I left Vancouver. I was wishing I had your phone number.
Tomorrow, Pheonix and Camelback Mountain .

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Anonymous said...

I wish we had connected. I got all lost in work about the time I figured out you were coming, and didn't pull out two working brain cells to think of sending you my number. Hopefully you'll come back, and we can catch a face-to-face then! You were here at a lovely time; hope you enjoyed our fair city!