Saturday, October 22, 2005

Is My Blog Burning??

Almost. My kitchen day was going so well until I decided to tackle a chocolate souffle. First my souffle dish was too big for my recipe. I decided to wing it anyway. Then I got really cranky because I had MEANT to buy a new souffle dish today and totally forgot, so really, it was my fault and I had to eat some extra chocolate (86%~mmmmmmmmmm) to boost my endorphins. Then as I whisked my yolks into my chocolate, it siezed. I kept going, blindly hoping it would work. The end result was more Flourless Chocolate Cake than souffle, but it still tasted good and Rob even had seconds.

I served it with a sinple Creme Anglaise made from the leftover egg yolks. The creme anglaise rocked ~ too bad the theme isn't Egg Custards ;D

Okay, going to try this tag thing:
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Jennifer said...

I've had many a kitchen day like yours! Glad to hear that in the end it was still delicious. When the significant other asks for seconds you know it is good.

Anonymous said...

The results look great to me! Even if it ended up more like a flourless chocolate cake, is that really a bad thing? I think not! It's fun to have discovered a new (for me) blog, too.

Robyn said...

Even though it was a wrestle, your results look fab! And yes, the cream anglaise seems to add just the perfect touch!