Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday ~ (whimper)

This is a really unpleasant day for me. I know I have said it before and I will again. It starts off great, Baking is so relaxing. I have decided to chill about the marks, because future employers won't particularly care what score I got in baking..... We had a very slow production today. I am a little frustrated by my classmates lack of motivation to complete the tasks on time. Our group was done and 3 projects and others were still dilly dallying over two! Anyway, we made coffeecakes, shaped, and apple pies. Here is an upclose shot ~ neither of them did particularly well on the journey home, so I had to go in for the close-up.

My relaxed morning was disrupted by a little verbal scuffle between two of the neediest and most annoying people in the class. People, grow up, deal with it, don't spread your misery around, please!
Lunch was delightful, I have discovered a new place called Salad Loop that lets you build your own super healthy lunch for a relatively low price.
Then came purchasing. I did very badly on the test last week. I passed, but it was not a good pass. My instructor chose to disregard the marks from this test, because most of the class actually failed it! Then a long drawn out afternoon of making up fake supply orders..... TGIF, eh?
The good news is, I came home and Rob made me the most wonderful summer meal that we ate on the patio with glasses of a new (to us) red wine. Aaaaaaaaaaaah.

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Punky said...

I am sorry your Friday was not great. But the close ups of your baking products look yummy. I am sure they tasted even better. Thanks for the encouragement you offered me on my fututre cooking ventures. By the way, why can't we have cool restraunts like that Salad Loop here in Kansas? Not fair at all.