Thursday, February 16, 2006

Spa Food Day 2

Today's entry is Steamed Salmon with Herbes de Provence, Stirfried Veggies and Brown Rice. I may have converted Rob to brown rice ~ he noticed that it has more flavour than white rice! The steamed salmon went for 7 minutes, but I think I will back it off to five next time~ it could have been a little less cooked.


Catesa said...

is there a way to make brown rice taste better? ive tried to like it, honestly. maybe a bouillon cube in the rice cooker would help. worth a shot since that meal looks right up my wannabe healthy alley lol

kickpleat said...

cornelius hates brown rice...even when i toast it prior to cooking (that's the way i like it best), he still turns grumpy about having to eat it. sigh!

linda said...

Rob used to think he hayed brown rice, mainly because he knows its healthy.. we just cooked this batch with a little chicken stock, white wine and salt. We also used the short grain brown rice.