Thursday, November 17, 2005


I am tired, sick and at work at 6 this am. So I wasn'tg really in the mood to write up a beautiful post on Lamb with Rosemary Polenta. Instead, I'll give you a shot of my new favourite beer. And it isn't just because it has a fun name!


Anonymous said...

Hey Linda - is it your favourite beer because it tastes good, because it has a very cool label, or both? ;)


Unknown said...

Sandy, taste is everything ;D But a cool label helps!

Actually, this is a nice rich beer (ale?) One of those "one only please" beers meant to be savoured. As opposed to chugging beer like Labattts or Molson.

Cat said...

lol thanks for pointing out my quiche mistakes, guess i'll just leave it to the restaurants from now on :)