Thursday, November 24, 2005

Feeling Blah

Sometimes, Vancouver can really put you in a funk. Or at least, it does that to me.
Because I work 6-2 in a windowless room, I have been unable to get any sun, the fog rolling in as I finish work.

I don't feel like cooking good things or doing much of anything really. I made a decent meal last night, but was feeling so lethargic, I didn't bother to take pictures....

Picture courtesy of KatKam


Deetsa said...

he he he... oh how I can commiserate, Linda. There have been times that Vancouver looked downright sweet-natured compared to what we can get here on the Central Coast. But a windowless room? Now that I certainly feel is so unfortunate.
I totally understand about the lethargy though. The weather can really effect a person

Unknown said...

Oh, I imagine you get some crazy weather up there! I felt better this morning when the rain started. At least the air doesn't have that lifeless feel anymore.

Deetsa said...

I understand that "lifeless" quality you're talking about with fog. When we have fogged-in days up here I think of that movie "The Never-ending Story" with the Nothing which consumes Fantasia until everything seems to disappear.