Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cheap Eats

Last night was a poverty supper night. I don’t know how may of you can actually identify with this, but it was the night before my payday, and I had forgotten to get money from Rob before I left the house. I had ten dollars in my pocket and nothing for dinner.
Some frugal shopping and the generous gift of a friend (thank you Canice!) and I was set.

Pork with Spiced Italian Fruits, Sauteed Spinach and Roasted mashed Acorn Squash. Total Bill: $7.02

Cheap And Easy Pork
3 pork chops of indeterminate origin

Pound pork chops down to 1/2cm thickness (just under ¼”). Season with Salt and pepper, dust with flour. Heat oil in a sauté pan over medium high heat. Quickly fry pork chops (3 minutes, maybe 5. Use your instincts). Serve with either a pan sauce or a chutney/relish.

If I didn’t have the fruit, I would have deglazed the pan with wine, added some parsley, capers and butter and spooned it over the pork.


Unknown said...

For a poverty meal it sure looks tasty. The simplest foods can be the most comforting...

Deetsa said...

poverty? A king should dine so fine! A magic collection of taste texture and scents.

Unknown said...

That's one of the joys in life ~ when you can make even the most inexpensive foods taste good.
Of course, there was a time in my life were I was lucky to have $0.70 to spend on food ~ so this isn't true poverty cooking.

kitchenmage said...

very nice use of resources... it's meals like that that make me glad it's fall...