Sunday, November 06, 2005

San Francisco Part 4? Or is it 3?

Starting to lose track of my San Francisco posts.... where were we last? Ah yes..lunch at the De Young.
From there, I headed for Haight and Ashbury on foot (might as well go all out on the tourist thing eh? It was a disappointment ~ not quite cheesy enough to be fun, not quite cool and different enough to be interesting. And I was cranky because my feet were really starting to hurt at this point. Bus stop beckoned me and I answered, taking the bus back to Powell and Market and found myself wandering into the San Francisco Centre. Curved Escalators! Chain Stores Never Encountered BEfore By This Canadian ! Nordstroms!
So I rode the curved escalators up all seven floors to the NOrdstrom cafe at the top. A certain blogger has described Nordstroms as her happy place, so I was curious.
I was also still pretty sated from my huge burger at the museum, so I opted for a sorbet trio and a Midnight Martini. I felt like a total lush, sitting at the bar, sipping my martini and swooning over the Acia Berry sorbet (the other two flavours were just ok.)

The martini was a raspberry vodka and Chambord concoction that went down just fine, thank you.

Feeling somewhat relieved and rested, I took the express elevator back down to street level and wandered the streets for a while, discovering my a couple places I would like to go back to with some money: DSW and Anthropologie

My feet were really protesting at this point, so I summoned up the energy to ride the escalator at Virgin, seeking out Citizen Cupcake, before putting myself on the BART and heading for Oakland. I picked up a Provence Chocolate Mousse Cake ~ delicious, rich and creamy, four of us split it and were all buzzed on sugar after. My favourite part was the subtle hint of lavendar drifting around behind all that chocolate and Grand Marnier.
I needn't go over the part were I got back to Em's house and collapsed on the couch for several hours. Or the discovery of the blood blister on my baby toe...

Several hours later, a group of us were seated at a table, eyeing the Pizzaiolo menu.
We settled on three pizzas and a bottle of Rioja. This was the best pizza I have ever had. The crust so thin and yet crispy enough to hold up the toppings. One of our pizzas was a chef's choice (the chef puts whatever he/she feels like on it) and it was probably my favourite of the three ~ House made sausage, rapini, jersey mozzarella.... The other two were a nettle pizza and a Leek, Anchovy, kalamata and fontina (also stunning).

We rolled out of there SO full and I managed to avoid the twinges of sadness as I realised I would be leavng the next day. I met great people and saw beautiful sights. And ate very good food of course.

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