Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Last midterm for now. They warned us it would be about 3 hours, but I was out of there in one hour and feeling restless. It was about 9am, so I trucked off to Chinatown to get some brunch and do some shopping. I wandered around till the hunger pangs set in, then I nipped into Hon's WonTon Noodle house for a steaming bowl of Wonton soup with stewed beef (and a lot of MSG). Now, I react to MSG and I am fully aware of the fact that Hon's wontons contain MSG, but I can't help it -- they are so damn good. Total bill was $5.03. After I left Hon's, I stopped in at Boss bakery (still in chinatown) and picked up a super cheap chinese pastry to munch on as I made my way to T&T Supermarket. I love this store. I spent about an hour strolling the aisles, checking out all the unfamiliar ingredients and selecting a few to take home -- chili garlic sauce, some bizarre coffee thing, MSG-free wontons, noodles and mango gummies.

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