Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Gravlax tutorial

Chef Soren offered us the opportunity to come by after class and learn how to make gravlax. I was excited because (A) I have always wanted to make gravlax and (B) I am so happy that he is willing to offer us his time and effort so that we might learn new and interesting techniques. And it WAS interesting. We started with a whole salmon.

Gravlax, in the beginning.. Posted by Hello
He then removed the scales using the back of his knife to scrape along the skin.

Removing the scales Posted by Hello
The fish was filleted, removing the head and spine.

Filleting the fish Posted by Hello
Then the pinbones were removed.

removing the pinbones Posted by Hello
A mixture of salt, white peppercorns and sugar was made up (normally, fresh dill would be involved as well) The fish was then layered with this salt mixture, making sure everything is liberally coated and that the pieces af salmon are lying flesh to flesh.

Finishing the gravlax Posted by Hello
A baking tray was placed on top of the salmon and then heavy weights were placed on top of the tray, pressing the salmon down as it cures.

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