Tuesday, May 03, 2005

More Starches!

Day two of starches. I came in early in the hopes of catching our group up with the rest of the class. No such luck. The minute Crazy Chef spotted me, I was on a chicken carcass procuring and dividing mission. Cold bloody chicken was the last thing I felt like handling at 7 in the morning, but I felt worse for the other person working with me. She is a vegetarian and just generally squeamish about carcasses. "I can do this" I kept hearing her mutter. Blecch.
By the time we had sorted out everything crazy man wanted us to do, it was well into class time. Luck smiled upon us today, though, because class idiot dropped out. I hope I wasn't the straw that broke his back, but I really don't think he belonged in this class. Everyone is probably thinking that I am a big, mean, judgemental person. But really, this guy was terrible. End result was that our group got combined with another that was down a person and it was so much fun. I was working with someone I have worked with before and someone who's approach to time management and forethought is in line with my own. Just a much more positive atmosphere all around.
Crazy Chef (CC), gave a lengthy lecture on how good his demo recipes were and then we got started.
We had to produce:
Handmade fettucini
Pasta Carbonara
Our spaetzle was a very simple recipe, which I executed and finished by tossing the Spaetzle in a fresh herb brown butter and spooning over a bit of our tomato sauce from Monday.

Spaetzle Posted by Hello
The Gnocchi was a delicious potato and herb gnocchi--of which I am still eating leftovers--also served with the tomato sauce.
Risotto and pilaf I had nothing to do with, but I am having left over pilaf tonight! And I used the handcrank pasta machine to produce the fettucine for our group which was used to make Pasta Carbonara

Carbonara Posted by Hello
I am in severe carb overload at the moment!
We wrapped up the day in the dishpit {chef Julian thinks we shouldn't call it that, but I am sorry, it is a pit}. Five of us stayed behind and scrubbed non-stop for twenty minutes. Yuck. First in Last out and I am SO exhausted.

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