Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday morning Again

We moved onto starches this week and were given a monumental amount of recipes to complete. I was in a group with Helen -- the english girl and a boy named Chris. Chris is the class dunce. It was mind-blowingly difficult to deal with him. The boy managed to screw up the rice!!!
We had to produce:
Steamed Rice
Roasted Potatoes
Duchesse Potatoes
Large Tourné Potatoes
Small Tourné Potatoes
Tomato sauce
Baguette Dough
Pasta Dough
Cook potatoes for Gnocchi and Rosti
Prep for Rice Pilaf and Risotto
Potato Croquettes

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It was HOT, sweaty, frusterating, exhausting yet exhilarating day. today was one of the first days that I actually felt like we were being prepared for the real world. Of course, class ran and hour and a half late and we all felt like we had been put through the wringer, but it was awesome.
To top the day off, I came home, made dinner and then finished canning a batch of jam from Mes Confitures!

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Cate said...

Ah, those croquettes look divine -- my mouth is watering over here. :)