Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sautéeing with Sorena

Well, it finally arrived, the day I have been half dreading, half looking forward to. There is this one guy in my glass with a serious attitude problem and I have been dreading the thought of working with him. On the other hand, I was looking for a good excuse to blow up at him. The other member of my group, someone I have been looking forward to working with, felt similar to me (I think). We both held back the hysterical giggles as he reluctantly joined us at the station.
It was a bit of a letdown -- no blowup, he was on his best behaviour. It was actually slightly creepy. However, as a group we functioned very well and executed what was, in my opinion, a very excellent meal. Exotic Mushroom Ragout, Lemon Green Beans, Potato Rosti, and Pork Medallions. The plating looks very odd from this angle, but here it is:

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