Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Egg And Breakfast cookery.

I am going to start by talking about what we learned today. then I will rant. Anyone who doesn't want to stick around for the rant can stop reading after the class notes.
This week was breakfasts. Chef Soren is back, I am so happy to see he him, just so much less of an ego than dear Chef Tim. One of my group members was missing, but we soldiered on ( I'll save the rest for the rant). First half of class was devoted to individual egg cookery projects. We had to do a boiled egg, two poached eggs, an omelet (french style) and scrambled eggs (french style). Now, French style eggs are generally on the soft side, so the scrambled eggs had to be almost snotty (MMMMMM snotty eggs). Mine came out perfect -- I have to brag, because everything else was just ok. The omelet was the hardest part. Had to be folded tightly, almost cigar shaped, and soft inside, no colour on the outside. Mine was good inside, but there was a golden brown hue to the outer layer. All my other eggs came out ok.
Then onto group projects. We had to produce, in our small groups, pancakes, frittata and quiche. I took quiche and let the other guys take the pancakes and frittata. I forgot to take a picture of the quiche, but it looked good. Personally, I found it too cheesey and I had slightly undercooked the crust on the par baking, so the crust was crappy. But it looked good! I didn't take pictures of our other creations as they turned out CRAP! Well, the frittata was ok, just overcooked, but the pancakes.... the boy who created them used salt instead of sugar! I took pictures of some other groups creations (asked permission of course) so here they are....

Pancakes Posted by Hello

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Got some early tests back. 100% and whatever 26 out of 23 points works out to. (There was a bonus question).
Now, on to the rant....
I am getting so frustrated in school. I just want to work in a group of competent people with a sufficient grasp of the English language so that we can communicate. Once again. My group consisted of me and some people I hope I don't have to work with again. This time, it was to ESL students. And one of them has no real sense for cooking. I felt so stranded. I am sick of being "in charge" of a group, especially when they can't follow instructions. It sounds so petty, but I almost feel like I am learning less because of them. Maybe I am supposed to be learning patience.
Second vent. Once again, I was doing the fricking dishes. I know I could just not do them, but I can't stand to watch them pile up and I know we can't leave until they are done, so I just do them. Is this my kharmic adjustment for always passing the dish duties off to Rob?

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