Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Ferry Building, Frog Hollow Farms, Cable Cars and The DeYoung

My second day in San Francisco, I woke up with sore feet but I was determined to get another full day of exploring in. I headed out early and took BART to the first stop on the San Francisco side, Embarcadero. Walking down to the Ferry Building, I was stumbling around and gawking wide eyed at everything. I love San Francisco. Anyway, Breakfast was at Frog Hollow Farm outlet - fresh orange juice, ricotta tart and a peach puff pastry creation, all excellent.

After that, I hopped on a train that dropped me at Fisherman's Wharf. I wasn't keen on wandering around that area so I poked my head in the Boudin store, and then poked around the side streets in the surrounding area. That is when I spotted the cable car ~ immediately knew I had to do it. I know, it is utterly cheesy, but I LOVED it. So much fun. I walked back down the hill to the terminus, bought my five dollar ticket, jumped on the very back and held on for dear life.

I didn't get off till we hit the end of the end of the line at Market St. From there I grabbed a bus out to Golden Gate Park ~ I had heard about the opening of the De Young Building and I really wanted to check it out. I walked around the park, hoping to stumble across it, and eventually I did. By this point I was starving, so I headed straight for the cafe. The line was exceptionally long, so I got to take in the decor of the building, These amazing glass lights in varying shades hung from the ceiling and I couldn't stop staring at them ~ absolutely gorgeous.

I ordered the burger, still surprised everytime I get asked how I want it (DISCLAIMER: In Canada, burgers ONLY come well done. My steak I like MEdium rare, but my burgers have to be cooked!) and waited. And waited. Maybe it was because I was so hungry by the time my food arrived, but this was a damn good burger!! Very juicy, condiments on the side, nicely seasoned. The pickle was terrible, which was sad, because I am a total pickle freak.

I'll leave you with a picture of the outside of the building, which is so unique in my humble and undeducated opinion. It really seemed to blend in with the surroundings.


Joe said...

I miss San Francisco... I one day wish to live in that area!

Little Mama said...

Sounds like a great day. Its a good thing you don't know my cattle rearing family, you might be killed for "ruining" your meat like that ;). Well done is a curse word out on our family farm.

Unknown said...

I order my steaks medium rare. However, in Canada, burgers only come well done, unless you are willing to sign a disclaimer.

Little Mama said...

LOL. Well, if you ate all your meat well done I might have to read your blog secretly ;). But I am glad to hear that you don't eat your steak well done. Hamburger is a whole differnt world in doneness, I can agree with that.