Saturday, November 19, 2005

New Town Bakery

I have a new obsession. Just last week, one of my friends took me to New Town Bakery for some steamed buns and other delicious carby goods. I took one bite of the Asado pork steamed bun and I was hooked. I have been back twice on my own since then and today, I decided to take Rob along too.
I can't even describe how good these are, only reccomend that you try one if you have the opportunity.
I picked out the buns adding a pork turnover as well, and we spilled out on to the street, looking for somewhere to sit for a second and eat them. Usually I don't wait, tearing the bag open as soon as I am out the door and standing on the sidewalk to devour it. Rob is more patient, so we walked back down the street to the Sun Yat Sen Garden and found a stone bench in the watery winter sunlight.


Nazca said...

Is that a sweet dough? Have you tried the sweet/dessert type ones? Some are made from a type of flower, Crocus? Jasmine? I can't remember.

Unknown said...

The dough is slightly sweet, but not a dessert level of sweetness. I will have to try one of the dessert ones ~ I see lots of reasons to walk into Chinatown on the horizon.

Cat said...

oh i would move to Vancouver in a second if i could, such a wonderful place it is and that looks yummy enough to immigrate for :)