Saturday, November 19, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging

Laundry days. Agnes tries to climb on the piles of clean laundry straight from the dryer. We like to minimize the amount of cat hair on our clothes, so Rob started laying out his sweatpants fresh from the dryer. As soona s she sees them, she is right in there curled up, soaking all the warmth up.

Clare and Kiri are back in action, so head on over to check out everyone elses much loved furry friends.


eat stuff said...

That is soooo cute Linda, you do realise that Agnes as the house kitty is totally within her kitty contract to seek out warm freshly washed laundry ;) LOL

ZaZa said...

Agnes is obviously a smart kitty. Always see to your creature comforts, and what could be more comfy than a nice soft, warm stack of clean clothes?

Cat said...

shes so chubby i love her :)