Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Fish Day Two

The second day of fish cookery and I am in so much pain. I buggered my right shoulder up yesterday, making the aioli, and I can barely lift my arm. I am right handed, so this is not good! I ended up having one of those days - dropping stuff left right and center. I threw a whole tub of coarse salt on the floor, most of my utensils and dropped my perfectly shaped, uncooked baguette down the back of the deepfryer. At a certain point, you just have to laugh.
Anyway, here are the dishes:

Grilled Salmon, Potato Rosti, Beurre Rose Posted by Hello
The salmon fillets were seasoned with juniper, salt and pepper and grilled. The Beurre Rose was a sauce made with shallots, anchovies, red wine and lots of butter. Charles produced both of those items and did a great job. I made the potato rosti, which could have been crunchier. Chef Soren told me I wasn't using enough fat -- "don't fear the fat, you health nut!" he says to me...

Trout Meuniere Posted by Hello
Next up, the Trout Meuniere, prepared by Rachel. We all fileted our own trout, then Rachel dredged the fillets in browned flour and panfried quickly. After removing the fillets from the pan, she added in lemon royales, capers, butter and parsley. This was a very nice fish dish with an incredibly flavourful sauce.

Cauliflower Polonaise & Parslied potatoes Posted by Hello
The sides were entertaining. Cauliflower Polonaise is a very old fashioned dish amde with blanched cauliflower topped with seasoned breadcrumbs, chopped egg and parsley. I made this one. It was interesting. We also had turned potatoes tossed in parsley butter and grilled vegetables as well as the baguettes that we made.

The spread Posted by Hello

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Jennifer said...

Yum! Salmon AND potatoes? It looks and sounds delicious!