Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Cream of Mushroom and Lentil Soup

Soups again today. I am still buzzing from the satisfaction of a job well done. We made EXCELLENT soup, if I do say so myself! Especially the lentil, with cumin, potatoes, pancetta and lemon. I fiddled with the recipe a bit, but the chef didn't seem to care. In fact, I saw him helping himself to a bowl of our lentil soup afterwords! Anyway, I remebered to take photos today and I am going to try to follow Sweetnicks suggestion for posting pictures, see if more of you can actually see them.
This should be the mushroom

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And Lentil soup with cilantro and crispy shallot garnish Posted by Hello

What do you know! It worked... Anyway, that's it for kitchen time at school this week. Next week we move on to sauces. Tomorrow we do FoodSafe, and I really need to get cracking on my research projects. An essay is due tomorrow as well which I really struggled with. A very sweet person helped me edit it and also helped bolster my confidence in my own ability. If you are reading this, thank you!


Cate said...

The soups look divine, particularly the mushroom one. Glad you got the pictures and side links working. Blog looks great! :)

linda said...

Thank you for all your help!!