Monday, April 04, 2005

First full Day

Today was my first full day of school. I forgot to take my camera, but it seems that my pictures aren't co-operating anyway.. I did get permission from the chef to take pictures during class, so if I can get everything to work - including my brain, I should be able to share some pictures.

It started out as a beautiful morning as I trekked across the bridge to school. Managed to score a locker in the postage-stamp of a changing room, then got all dressed up in my chef's outfit. Its hard not to feel a little self-conscious when you are wearing what feels like a costume, but everyone else looked as goofy as me, so it was ok.
Class started with an hour long talk. I started to realize that this whole sitting thing is really hard to get used to. I spend most of my days on my feet at least 8 hours of the day. After about 40 minutes of sitting, I had to stand. Fortunately, we are at work stations which are about counter height and I am short, so you couldn't really tell.
After the talk, came more talk - describing the knife kit, piece by piece.
Then came the fun parts. We were given ten minutes to set up our station in a perfect, regimented style, which I won't go into detail about, as it can be a little boring.
Cutting. Yes, we got to bring out the big chef's knife and cut.......flour!! After an hour of cutting flour, I was feeling very insecure. I'll be practicing that one at home.
Then we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. We had to scrub the kitchens from top to bottom before we were given homework and dismissed for a half hour lunch.
After lunch, on Mondays and Tuesdays, I will be having a theory class. This is taught in a classroom, not in a kitchen, and involves taking copious amounts of notes. We were also given our textbook which weighs 6 pounds ( I just weighed it) but has nice shiny pictures. And homework. I spent a solid 4 hours doing homework tonight...
I managed to squeeze in some cooking at home: Crockpot chicken with lemon, fennel and dill. And it occurs to me as I type this - I forgot to add the dill! Also made polenta and Multibean Salad, which will be my lunch for the next several days.
Hopefully, I will be able to include pictures next time. And I can promise some actual cooking at school - stocks tomorrow.


TravelingEm said...

Yeah, Linda! I'm so excited for you. Sounds like it's going to be intense. I wish I would have had theory classes. I'm so proud of you!

SandyM said...

I'm also very excited for you, Linda! Looking forward to reading your blog (and seeing more pictures - yours came out just fine for me!). Like Em said, I'm very proud of you!!

Cate said...

Hi Linda! Congratulations on your first day - sounds like you're going to have a blast. And hey, that crockpot recipe would be nice. ;)