Saturday, April 16, 2005

Putting it All Together -- Part Two

Last night, I made up my chicken noodle soup. I diced carrots, celery and leeks and minced some garlic. I sweated those down, stirred in my mushrooms, then added the consommé from Thursday night. Then cooked chicken and cooked fusilli.
chicken noodle soup Posted by Hello
I tasted it for seasoning and almost swooned - it was SO good, probably the best chicken soup I have ever made. I am a little jealous of Rob getting to have it for lunch today!
After soup making, we watched two episodes of The Sopranos and then I sat up till past midnight doing homework.

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SandyM said...

The chicken noodle soup looks fabulous, Linda! I can almost smell it way over here!! ;)

I'm loving your blog and watching your progress. Cheering you on in Michigan!