Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Okay, I may have gotten a little carried away today. But I was SO pissed off. I turn purple just thinking about it. It was ridiculous Dimensions of Culinary Education Class again today. I was feeling a little rough due to some Arts Club Hijinks on Tuesday night, but I was there bright and early. We waited in the hall, Chef Julian doesn't show. So someone from the office lets us into our classroom. We wait. 8:20, someone tries to get a hold of him. he isn't at home, his cell-phone is off, there is no message. I don't know about anyone else, but I was little concerned. We decided to continue to wait. People worked on vocabulary from the other class, chatted quietly etc. He showed up at 8:40, ushered us into a different classroom and then went around the class asking what we had done for the last 40 minutes. Then gave everyone shit for not getting started on their group projects. "If this was a work situation, would you have just hung around done nothing for 40 minutes?" I was SOOOOOOOO mad. But I kept my mouth shut. No point in causing an in-class scene. At the break, I went up to him and told him how I felt. Conversation went something like this:
"Sorry to be obnoxious, but I just wanted to share my take on what happened this morning with you. Is that okay?"
"Sure, go ahead."
" Well, I understand the lesson you were trying to teach, but I have a problem with your methods."
"What?" (he starts to turn red at this point)
" I have been working full time and hard for a long time now. If something like this happened at work, I would do my job no matter what because that is what I am payed to do. However, I am at school. I am not being payed. in fact, I am paying a lot of money to be here."
"Ahh, but you could have been Self-Educating during that time."
" I certainly could have been. But the point is that I am not paying good money to Self-educate. I am paying YOU to educate ME and I would expect that you would be here on time to do that."
"Okay, fair point."
"Sorry to be so argumentative, but I just needed to tell you that.
"No worries, its a fair point"

And that is where it ended. The rest of the class was resume building.
Now I am wondering if I said to much. I am not used to being back in school and being treated like a child. I need to stop writing about this, I am just getting pissed off again.

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TravelingEm said...

Oooh, in no way did you go to far or comment too much. Do not let them continue to think they can walk over their students. You are paying money that you have ~worked~ your ass off for. I'm tired of the holier-than-thou chef attitudes. You are not an 18 year old who will quiver at his feet. Way to remind him of that!