Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Our Wednesday morning class is Dimensions of Culinary, whatever that means. As far as I can tell, it is a mix of accounting, communications and food history - or, as the Chef Instructor described it, "How to be more than just a cook". I have to admit, i am enjoying it so far. The majority of people in my class moaned and groaned and wished that we could just be cooking, but I am really looking forward to having a more academic slant to things. Of course, there was nothing exciting to take pictures of, so Wednesday's will probably be a photo free day.
This particular class, I was so sick. I seem to have come down with the worst cold/chest infection and I was really doped up in the hopes that Chef Julian wouldn't notice, as they send anyone who is visibly sick home. Something were a blur, but i think I paid attention to enough of the lesson. We were assigned two major projects, one solo, one group, due at the end of June. My solo project is on the Capsicum family and my group project is on Restaurants. Restaurants is such a huge topic that my group decided to pare it down a bit and we are hoping to look at how social and economic factors drive food trends in Vancouver's restaurant industry.
After class, i came home and fell asleep (1:00 in the afternoon), just barely waking up in time to go down and get my knives engraved with my name. Just in case.

Thursday's topic will be the homework aspect of this course.

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