Saturday, April 23, 2005

Putting it all together...

This weeks installment of putting it all together features Hollandaise!. Hollandaise was the sauce my group made the worst and the one I didn't get to participate in. So I decided to have Eggs Benedict for breakfast this morning - mmm eggs on eggs....
Started off with two egg yolks:

In the beginning was the egg... Posted by Hello
Then I added water and lemon juice and whisked like mad. Transferred the bowl to a double boiler and continued to whisk like a maniac. After the eggs started to thicken, I pulled them off the double boiler and had Rob drizzle clarified butter in as I whisked. Thinned it a bit and seasoned with salt and pepper:

Beaten to submission Posted by Hello
Rob kindly poached some eggs, I toasted the English muffins, we topped them off with some ham, the eggs and the hollandaise:

the final result Posted by Hello
Very good, very rich. I declare this episode of Putting It Together a success!

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