Friday, July 15, 2005


Fridays are the longest day of the week. I came into ittired already from my long haul at work, so was unsurprised when I hit the Diet Coke before 9am (filthy habit I have picked up in the last month ~ need the caffeine). Baking was fun and relaxing, got to work with Helen, which I always enjoy. We made:


fudgy brownies

braided rolls.
I actually loved making the braided rolls, once I got the hang of it. Unfortunately, Our Baking class is 8-1 and purchasing is 1:10-6pm, so we had only enough time to throw our junk in our lockers, grap textbooks (and more diet Coke) and run to the next class. Between the carb overdose from baking and the caffeine crash from the Coke, I actually nodded off a few times in purchasing!!

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