Wednesday, July 13, 2005

NARC ~ MidAtlantic Day Two

Today was a MUCH better day. We went into class prepared for an extra long demo, so I had the long cooking stuff on the stove/in the oven before Chef Christopher started talking. Everything went really smoothly. Too easy almost~none of that crazy, heart~pumping adrenaline that you get when you are in the you~know~what... Menu was Vichysoisse, Waldorf Salad and Shrimp Cakes with some sides.

The soup was my project. I realised as I sat at home tonight that I have done pretty much every soup we have made. Its not a deliberate choice, it just happens that way. Anyway, vichysoisse is a chilled potato and leek soup garnished with cream and chives. Here is my rendition of it. Positive feedback from the chef: good taste, good consistency. Constructive criticism: when using whole chives as garnish, be careful not to cover the whole soup ~ let them run up on the edge of bowl if necessary.
Waldorf salad ~ not my cup of tea, I am afraid. It was delicious, but exceptionally rich and I LOATHE salads that require a bed of lettuce. I didn't make it, so I won't share criticism.

Shrimp cakes with matchstick potatoes, baked cherry tomato and spaghetti squash. The shrimp cakes were excellent, very moist and flavourful. Everything else was pretty self~explanatory. I plan to make those cakes again, though. They were GOOD! Anyway, I am almost deliriously tired, I should stop typing before I become incomprehensible.

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