Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Melon with Citrus and Candied Ginger

Not school related, but a recipe request. It doesn't specify what kind of melon, but the ones in the picture appear to be canteloupe or musk melon.

Melon with Citrus and Candied Ginger

3.5 pounds melon (1.75lbs net after seeds and rind)
3.75 cups sugar
1 orange
1 lemon
3.5 ounces preserved ginger

Choose ripe and fragrant melons. Cut them into eight wedges and remove the seeds. Remove the flesh and slice the melon. Rinse and scrub the orange and lemon in cold water, slice them into thin rounds and cut each round into four. Remove the seeds. In a bowl, combine the sliced melon, citrus pieces and sugar. Cover and allow to macerate fro 1 hour.
Pour into a preserving pan and bring to a simmer. Return to bowl, cover and refrigerate overnight.
Next day, pour preparation through a fine sieve. Bring the collected juice to a boil, skim and continue cooking on high heat. The syrup will be sufficiently concentrated at 221F on a candy thermometer. Add the fruit and preserved ginger. Bring to a boil once more, skim and boil five minutes stirring gently. Check the set. Pour into jars and seal.
From Christine Ferber's Mes Confitures

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Thank you Linda. This sounds really interesting.